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Show Your Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Show Your Gratitude this Thanksgiving

The spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday tends to get lost amidst culinary or cultural manifestations. Many of us get distracted by the endless sea of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and apple pie. Others can't tear their eyes away from the TV screen during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. 

At Beverly Hills Carmel, we are challenging our residents and staff, and everyone else for that matter, to remember what Thanksgiving is all about — gratitude.

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday whose name perfectly encapsulates what the day is meant to symbolize: giving thanks. Years ago, the Pilgrims showed their thanks for a bountiful harvest from their Indian friends. But over time, the holiday has acquired more meaning as people have come to be thankful for more than just physical sustenance. Spiritual joys and the intangible bonds of connection are things to be thankful for as well. The relationships of family, friends and acquaintances are gifts that we shouldn't take for granted, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember that. 

Things To Be Thankful For

At Beverly Hills Carmel, residents know the real meaning of Thanksgiving and celebrate it as more than just an occasion for a good meal. They're grateful for the things that they can be truly thankful for: community, social celebration and a staff that deeply cares about them. The activities and experiences we share here form the core of our facility's benefits, and it's something we are all thankful for. 

If you take a long, hard look at your life, we're sure there is something there to be thankful for. It could be for your family, your friends, your job or your health. Whatever it is, take the time this year to show your gratitude. 

People Who Express Gratitude Have Higher Self-Esteem

The Science of Gratitude

New scientific research shows that gratitude has benefits that extend beyond Thanksgiving. Being grateful for what one has boosts self-esteem and reduces comparisons to others, according to a 2014 study in the "Journal of Applied Sport Psychology." In 2012, the University of Kentucky published a report stating that being grateful enhances empathy and that grateful people were more likely to be outgoing and supportive of others.

A 2011 study published in "Applied Psychology" showed that recording grateful thoughts in a journal before bedtime improved sleep. Gratitude can also improve physical and psychological health, according to reports published by Dr. Robert A. Emmons and in the journal "Personal and Individual Differences." These reports say that people who are grateful are more inclined to be happy and take care of their health. Gratitude also can open the door to new relationships.

So this year, express your gratitude on Thanksgiving to show your loved ones what they mean to you and to lead yourself down a path of happiness and understanding. 

What Beverly Hills Carmel Offers

At Beverly Hills Carmel, there are many reasons to show thanks. Joining the community at Beverly Hills Carmel can boost your gratitude for both the little things in life and the big stuff, and not just around Thanksgiving. If you or a loved one has been thinking about joining a retirement community, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Beverly Hills Carmel and see what we can offer. We have a great deal going on now — new residents will have their move-in fees waived if they are moved in by the end of the year. Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit. 

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