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Respite Stays at Beverly Hills Carmel

Respite Stays at Beverly Hills Carmel

As we age, many people find that remaining in their own home becomes increasingly difficult. Even with the support and care of loved ones, staying home as one's needs increase can pose a challenge. Fortunately, there are options available for those who are thinking about transitioning into residential care, but have doubts about whether that type of living arrangement is right for them. 

At Beverly Hills Carmel, we welcome short stays in our facility and feel strongly that spending some time in an assisted living environment is crucial to making an informed decision on residence options. 

What is a Respite Stay?

At Beverly Hills Carmel, a respite stay involves a temporary move into one of our apartments for a period of either one month or two weeks. We also refer to it as a Trial Stay.

Our respite guests have access to all of the services and amenities of our regular residents, and can take part in any of the programs that we offer. The apartments are fully furnished, so there is no need to bring anything other than one's medications, clothing and any personal items that would make you feel more at home. 

How do Families Use Respite Stays?

Some families take advantage of our respite program because they know that assisted living is on the horizon and want to see for themselves if our program is a good fit for their needs. Regardless of why our guests choose a respite stay here, many of them will return or remain in our retirement community as full-time residents. 

Each and every family is unique, and will approach respite stays according to their needs. For some, a month at our facility offers a chance to recover from a medical procedure or illness. This can provide some peace of mind knowing that personal assistance is just a short call away. 

Our respite guests have access to all of the services and amenities of our regular residents, and can take part in any of the programs that we offer.

What Type of Living Environment is Provided?

At Beverly Hills Carmel, we strive to offer a home that is warm, welcoming and comfortable. Our guests enjoy four-course Kosher meals and a Daily High Tea. We also offer a dynamic social program, with activities ranging from Zumba classes to yoga. 

Guests can request new clubs or activities, and can seek out other residents who share their same interests. A Synagogue is on-site, as well as a library and multiple other common areas where friends can gather. Daily housekeeping is provided so residents can focus on how to spend their day free from the burdens of keeping up their living space. In short, we have created an environment that is beautiful, elegant and inviting.

What Kind of Personal Assistance is Available?

Our residents and guests have access to 24-hour personal care staff. Beverly Hills Carmel's trained staff can assist with medication management and incontinence care. We also can assist with personal care needs, such as bathing, dressing and grooming. We even have a full salon on-site so that guests can have their hair cut and styled or get manicures as desired. 

Come See for Yourself!

The respite stay, or trial stay program at Beverly Hills Carmel is designed to give you and your family a chance to get a feel for what assisted living is like here with us, take a break from that cold snowy winter up North, or even to continue with getting back on your feet after rehab. We put together a plan just for you. We are here to pamper you!

Want more information about our respite stays? Contact us!

We know that for some, the idea of moving out of their home and into an assisted living can be scary. A respite stay at Beverly Hills Carmel offers a chance to set aside those fears and sample all that our facility has to offer. From that point forward, families can make an informed decision, one that is free of stress and anxiety. We invite you to call or visit for more information or to schedule a respite stay.