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The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival is Almost Here

The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival is Almost Here

Beverly Hills Carmel is proud to again be a sponsor of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival! Some of the films featured at this year's festival include "Shnei Kuni Lemel," which means The Flying Matchmaker, and "None Shall Escape." We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, who has screened some of their films at our facility and provided special screenings for our residents at their venues. 

This year, at the screening of "None Shall Escape," starring actress Marsha Hunt will speak about the film and accept the Marvin Paige Hollywood Legacy Award. It's not often that you get to see a 72-year-old newly restored film with the starring actress also in attendance! Here is a closer look at the historical significance and impact of "None Shall Escape."

"For Their Crimes, We Shall Judge Them"

"None Shall Escape" was made in 1943, 18 months before the end of World War II. It was the only American anti-Nazi film made during the war. The film addresses the Holocaust and Nazi war crimes against Jews through the trial of a Nazi officers after the war was over. "For Their Crimes, We Shall Judge Them" was a phrase used on posters to promote the film.

The story of the film follows the trial of Nazi officer Wilhelm Grimm. The film portrays Grimm's career in a series of flashbacks from witnesses at the trial. Marsha Hunt plays Grimm's fiancée, who Grimm treats with disdain. 

Join us for a special screening of None Shall Escape on May 25th at 7:30pm. Actress Marsha Hunt, who starred in the film, will be there to speak about the film and accept the Marvin Paige Hollywood Legacy Award.

Grimm returns from World War I and works as a teacher in a small village. It is clear that the war has changed him, and he is upset that Germany lost the war. He is revealed to be an incredibly wicked man, who rapes one of his students, but escapes to Munich to join the Nazi party. The film goes on to show some of the atrocities Grimm committed as a Nazi officer during World War II, which are in line with some of the actual events that took place during the war.

The film is hugely significant in American history because it was one of the first works to raise awareness of the atrocities that the Nazis were committing before and during the war. The film is remarkably prophetic of the actual Nuremberg Trials. "None Shall Escape" gives human faces to both the Nazi officers and the victims portraying the horrific reality of the evil that the Jews suffered, and the depths of wickedness that the Nazis had descended into. 

Before this film was released, no one could truly grasp that such evil could exist and that men could commit such atrocities. The film is a startling look into truths about World War II that at the time were only speculations.

Join Us for This Special Event

We hope that you will join us for the special screening of "None Shall Escape" at 7:30 p.m. May 25. The film will be shown at the Ahyra Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills. It will be a profound evening to honor the work of an excellent actress and the legacy of a film that had such a huge impact on American history.

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