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What Should I Look for in an Assisted Living Community?

What Should I Look for in an Assisted Living Community?

If you’re looking to spend your retirement in the care and comfort of others, or if you’re looking to help a loved one thrive in their senior years, then finding the right assisted living community is a priority. There are certain factors to consider, though, before you make your decision. These include selecting a family-owned community or a corporate enterprise, along with evaluating the quality of the staff members and facilities.

Family-Owned vs. Corporate

The atmosphere at a family-owned assisted living community is often quite different compared to a corporate facility. Family-owned communities tend to offer better customer service and more personalized service, while corporate facilities tend to be more about the money and less about making sure that all residents’ needs are being met. This is an important point because assisted living is all about the quality of service you or your loved ones receive. Attentive care can make all the difference when you’re tired or struggling with medical conditions. Beverly Hills Carmel has been a family-owned senior living community for 40 years. We take special pride in the quality of our customer service and the personal touch for each resident.


The number of years of service that personnel at assisted living facilities have is important. It is a fact that indicates the quality of service you’ll receive and the type of environment you’ll be living in. Employees at family-owned facilities, such as Beverly Hills Carmel, tend to have more years of service, given the family-oriented approach to resident care and workplace culture. Corporate facilities tend to experience higher levels of employee turnover, which impacts the overall care you’ll receive.

Food Service

Having a varied, delicious menu with high-quality entrees and lunches is important for your overall quality of life. Family owned retirement communities can focus on the quality of their food service a bit more to out compete corporate facilities. So you can expect excellent meals served by people who care in an environment with other like-minded seniors. Given that many seniors have restricted diets, having the right menu is of extreme importance.

Family owned communities tend to offer better customer service and more personalized service.


The housekeeping staff and the cleanliness of the assisted living community are of utmost importance, given that many seniors are susceptible to illnesses and bacteria. Common areas and eating spaces need to be kept sparkling clean, which is something that you should look for when you’re making your selection.


Quality transportation to and from assisted living can make residing in a retirement community that much more fun and comfortable. Some communities don’t really go beyond providing anything more than a basic van to get residents to and from external events. At Beverly Hills Carmel, we provide limo service and other upgraded transport to make you feel like a VIP. It’s important to look into transportation when you’re reviewing facilities and everything they have to offer.

Selecting an assisted living community is a process that requires a lot of thought and careful evaluation. There is no reason to spend your retirement in a facility that doesn’t meet your requirements or enhance your quality of life. That's why we encourage you to look at Beverly Hills Carmel for your retirement. Our luxury assisted living community has everything you need to feel right at home. Contact us today for additional information or to schedule a tour.

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