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7 Easiest Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

7 Easiest Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

For seniors who want to eliminate the risk factors of heart disease and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, there are several ways to reduce blood pressure that lead to an increased quality of life. Reducing your blood pressure doesn't have to be difficult or painful.

1. Get More Exercise

It's not necessary to join a gym or wear yourself out with exercise. In fact, if you're dealing with brittle bones or impaired balance, it's even more important to focus on low-impact activities, like yoga. The important thing is just to keep moving. To begin, track the amount of time you spend each day walking and each day strive to add a few more minutes.

2. Eat Wholesome Foods

Avoiding sodium and chemical additives is another way to reduce risk factors for heart disease. Our high tea pastries are made from scratch, and the kosher diet is naturally lower in saturated and hydrogenated fats (the bad fats) while being higher in the healthy fats, like the Omega-3 fats in fish and lean meats. You might want to cut back on the brisket a little bit, but olive oil and gefilte fish won't be a problem.

3. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can lower your blood pressure and allow you to lead a more energized, healthy lifestyle. Talk to your doctor about prescription drugs that can reduce the craving for cigarettes. The damage smoking causes happens slowly over time but can be reversible.

4. Don't Salt Your Food

A diet that's high in sodium can result in increased blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Avoiding processed foods is often the first step toward reducing the amount of dietary sodium you're getting. Cut back on the table salt and learn to appreciate the natural flavors in your food.

The important thing is just to keep moving. To begin, track the amount of time you spend each day walking and each day strive to add a few more minutes.

5. Medication for High Blood Pressure

There are medications which help reduce high blood pressure, but doctors caution patients against viewing pharmaceutical treatments as "magic cure-alls." It's still important to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, even when using medication. Many medications for high blood pressure are diuretics, which have side effects. Staying hydrated and maintaining proper nutrition during treatment is advised.

6. Reduce Stress

It's important to be mindful of situations that cause emotional discomfort or happiness and striving to increase the high points in life. Laughing more often, reaching for kinder thoughts and taking action to reduce the impact of negative situations is important. You can't change every outcome, but life's stresses don't have to be internalized either. Focus on the good.

7. Cut back on Alcohol

Alcohol is loaded with calories and has almost no nutrients. Additionally, it's counterindicated with many common medications. For heavy drinkers, sometimes this is the only step they need to take to bring blood pressure down.

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